Sand Diego to Las Vegas, The Dirty Way!


Sea To SEMA: An expedtion with The TRX7 from Magellan GPS

Sea To SEMA is an expedition that runs from San Diego to Las Vegas; ALL ON DIRT ROADS. We built a fully renovated and overland outfitted Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 with a powertrain swap and the latest products in the industry. Article on SEA to SEMA
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The Plan:

We built a FJ60 to drive from San Diego to the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Instead of taking freeways, we decided to plan a route that would keep us on dirt roads using the Magellan Gps TRX7. We started the trek on October 26th and pulled into Vegas on the 30th. We were on the trails for 3 days in a self sustained vehicle so we can take our time and see all the sights we want to see; not to mention camp out and HAVE FUN!

The Rigs:

Our main focus is delve into Overland and show everyone how you can have a fully capable overlanding vehicle with high performance aftermarket parts. We know the overland market and have been involved in the community since before we opened shop in 1999. The Rig was outfitted with everything it needed to complete the journey comfortably and still have the RSO flare! The 1986 Toyota Landcruiser has a Chevy V8 swap with an automatic transmission, sprung over suspension, upgraded shocks, new paint, new tires, new wheels, new interior, dual batteries, a roof top tent, and much much more.

The Route:

We worked hard with Magellan GPS to design a route that takes you from down near the border by Coyote Wells to Ocotillio wells; then to Johnson Valley to Mojave and into Las Vegas. We didn't get to do any pre-running there's still parts of the route we need to iron out before it gets uploaded. Magellan will be uploading this route into the GPS systems, we feel it would be best that anyone in the public could use this route without any issues.