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Complete Builds: $30,000 and up for classic and modern vehicles

A complete build build by RSO is a guaranteed, one one of a kind vehicle that will set you apart from everyone else on and off the road! Complete Builds can include; frame on and frame off restorations - Resto-mods, a restoration of a classic vehicle with modern amenities, or an overhaul of a new vehicle with aftermarket products and RSO flare. Restorations include paint, R&R of all parts, custom fabrication if needed, upgraded part installtion, and a test period to ensure drivability and safety. New Vehicle overhauls are completely up to customer since there are many different directions you can take when upgrading a new production vehicle. We take great care in understanding each customer's vision for their vehicle and making that a reality.

Custom 4x4's: $100,000 and up

NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! Custom Off-Road vehicles are designed from the ground up for a specific purpose. Since 1999, we have done everything from an African Safari build to this, an all aluminum, 4-door FJ40. If you have an idea for a vehicle that can't be bought and upgraded, share it with us and we can make it happen! We have over 15 years of experience in building off road rigs and know how to build them in any style; ranging from hardcore rock crawlers to extreme expedition rigs.

Street Rods: $30,000 and up

Just because we specialize in mind-blowing off road rigs, doesn't mean we don't know how to build something low and fast! In fact, a lot of our innovation for our show rigs and shop projects comes from the street rod market. The owner of RSO, Mike Francis, has 25+ years of experience in painting, upgrading, and restoring these classic beasts. If you have a classic rod in need of a well executed overhaul, get ahold of us to make it happen!

Bumper to Bumper Fabrication: $500 - $10,000

You will hear us say "custom," often here at RSO since we build everything by hand to fit you and vehicles needs. Whether you just need a new stylish front bumper, or complete outfit of bumpers, sliders, a cage, to even custom half doors, we can make it happen! RSO has the knowledge to design a roll cage to fit the needs of your rig, or bumpers to hold your goods and still take a beating, and even slider designs that can hold the weight of your vehicle in case of a high center. We know their are a lot one-off rigs out there, that's why take the time to make sure everything we fabricate fits right, looks good, and most importantly, is SAFE!

Engine Swaps: $10,000 - $35,000

Does your expedition vehicle need more MPG? Does your rock crawler need more POWER? Is your engine just not up the the task anymore? We can fix that. From LS Swaps, to diesel conversions, we can take your classic or NEW vehicle and give the end all upgrade that will improve performance and give it a whole new personality. Since we opened in 1999, engine swaps have been the number one inquiry by our customers. Because of that, we know what it takes to get the engine and make it fit your rig. Of course engine swaps take a lot research for each engine option in all the different vehicles out there. RSO takes great pride in providing the customer with all of the available information about what's involved in giving your vehicle a new powertrain.

Suspension Upgrades: $500-$5000

RSO has spent the last few years building quality relationships with a lot of great aftermarket parts companies in the industry. Because of this, we have the knowledge and equipment to give your vehicle a whole new stance. From aftermarket shock installations to coil-over conversions, we know how to get your rig over those monster obstacles on the trails.